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He pretended to have been studying. Got a great worksheet on Grammar? Summer Adjectives HelpTeaching.

The lesson contains a link to a fun, animated video. Most Recent Most Viewed Rating. Holiday and Seasonal Crafts. Some of the worksheets aren't limited to just one level or category.

Prepositions add valuable information to nonfiction texts by helping us understand where and when something happened. Practise questions and negatives in the Present Simple and the Present Continuous. Sentence Combining Practice. But first, we have to verify your age! What would make you love Education.

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Was and Were

Some of the expressions can be heard in everyday English too. Still looking for something? Patrick's Day Activities St. Top articles in this category.

Chess Nonfiction Reading Test Gr. In this worksheet, students will fill in the blanks of two conversations at a shop. It is suitable for beginners and elementary level. Students fill in the blanks to finish the sentences about summer activities. Past Continuous Fernanda Francisco.

Our worksheets serve as great gap fillers during lessons, to help your students retain the grammar learned during the lesson. You can also practise other grammatical structures in English grammar worksheets below. Examples John was reading.

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It is a series of words and phrases typically used in Restaurants. Students will practice using pronouns to help them understand point of view. Write the verbs in Past Perfect Simple. Create awesome-looking custom word searches in seconds!

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This is the famous poem written by Lt. Summer Spring Fall Winter. In this worksheet, students should use two tenses past simple and past continuous by filling in blank spaces.

When you find a worksheet that looks useful to you, just click on the thumbnail of that worksheet and preview it before downloading. Tested and proven to work, these games are a rich addition to your lesson plans. You can change email preferences in account settings. This section is aimed at testing your competence in the use of infinitives and gerunds.


It has both the verb be and regular verbs, so the teacher should have already explained the difference in adverb placement. This is why we have a whole section cramped with phonics materials and teaching resources.

Some students learning by playing games and solving puzzles on the computer. There are ready-made worksheets as well as ones that you can customize. Browse through our collection and get started immediately!

Notice that the sentences are identical except for the subjects and the instances of was and were? In such cases, gender equality in india pdf were is the grammatically correct choice. Tom and Paul were reading. Keep your student one step ahead of the grammar game with our fourth grade grammar worksheets.

Students will use different kinds of adverbs to complete sentences. In this activity, students will seek to identify prepositions and use them to complete sentences with the help of a word bank.