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He who is manifested, may He manifest himself before me. These verses explain the triple births of a human being.

Creation is a process of differentiation. The Self is the enjoyer, the breathing one, who grasps food using his outgoing breathe as a handle and nourishes the body.

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He controls all the organs in the body. He brought for them a person. She bears him in her womb. All beings in creation are subjected to desires, which at the most basic level manifest as hunger and thirst. The seers do not refer to him directly because he is indescribable.

Our world is called the world of death because beings here are subject to mortality and it is ruled by the lord of death. Hence, they pressed the creator for more suitable body and were happy with the human body.

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From the navel, the out breath, from the out breath came death. This form so created wanted to run away. The Vedic seers arrived at this conclusion by observing how people died in their last moments.

He, having born, perceived the created beings. He thus nourishes his own self, for the continuation of the worlds. There is a logical progression in the description of the whole process of how a being is formed and given birth. He clothed it with a form and a body. Thus Nature is the source of all materiality.

For their nourishment, they depend upon the body, which is symbolically equal to the mortal world. Therefore, they refer to him indirectly as That or It. The worlds are sustained in this manner only.

The sun becoming sight entered the eyes. Acting as a nail, may He makes the knowledge of the Vedas stay with me. Therefore, he created food. It is characterized by diversity.

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It is the source of delight. Semen is generally compared to water because according to Vedic beliefs water is the source of all life.

According to this verse, the creator did not create a specific region for hunger and thirst, while he did it for the rest of the divinities. The water symbolically refers to Nature. Since, the parts are subject to hunger and thirst, they need nourishment. For that exist three abodes, three kinds of dreams.

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In the macrocosm it is compared to the world of ancestors. Food not only refers to the food we cook and eat, but all things that aid in our survival and continuity. Air becoming breath entered the nostrils. Indeed if he could have seized it with sight, with seeing alone he would have had the satisfaction of eating food.

Indeed if he could have seized it with skin, with sensation alone he would have had the satisfaction of eating food. In this chapter we learn that in the body, Brahman is reprsented by intelligence, which is higher than even the breathe. He with this intelligent self soared upward from this world and having enjoyed all the desires in that heavenly world became immortal.

It the being tried to seize it with reproductive organs. He created the world of rain, the world of sun rays, the world of death, and the world in the water. It the being tried to seize it with breath.

The Sarabha Upanishad Translation by P. The Upanishadic philosophy reveal the heights to which our awareness and knowledge can grow given the right circumstances and correct discipline. The Vasudeva Upanishad Translation by P. The Aitareya Upanishad English Translation. Hence, convert pdf to dwg in autocad 2011 it appears that they took this model of human birth and conceptualized the creation of the macrocosm also.

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All three are considered dream states only because the mortal world is an illusion, or a dream like experience, and unreal. Let me create food for them. It happens only when the Self enters the mortal worlds and inhabits a mortal body.

He meditated upon waters and from the waters so meditated upon, came forth a form which was verily food. Thoughts, desires, memories, impulses, etc.

Here we have a detailed account of how the elements transformed into various parts of the body. Thereby the order and regularity of the worlds will be severely compromised.

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Finally, he would loose consciousness and die. They said this was an appropriate creation. The controllers are the deities which are symbolized in the body as organs.

In the self only one bears the self. Above the heaven is world of rain The heaven is its supports. What else would one desire to speak here? Thus the five elements provided the material for the emergence of the sense organs. At the subtle level, food symbolizes pure energy.