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In order to pass as the princess forever, Selia had been convincing the King of Bayern that Kildenree was about to launch a surprise attack on the much stronger country of Bayern. Goose Girl is an awesome book.

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At the head of the table sat the bridegroom with the king's daughter on one side of him, and the chambermaid on the other. This was read by a full ensemble cast, but I'm finding that more and more a full cast isn't for me. Over time, her aunt teaches her to speak with birds, mainly swans, and Ani spends most of her early days by the pond.

And when they came to the meadow, she sat down and unbound her hair which was of pure gold. It was just really, really slow. However, when I started reading more into the story, I just started to love this book immensely as the story got more exciting and more emotional as I read through this book. Other books in the series.

Again, imagine that you can hear what the wind is saying. Also, the fact that I remember the names is also really good.

Now, large parts of the city have gone over to urban farming, as symbolized by the Goose Girl and her crowd. Enna - A Forest girl, eventually one of Ani's best friends.

Thus it happened that faithful Falada had to die. She is placed in a new land without any allies and must figure out how to survive. Falada saw everything, and remembered it well. She and most of Ani's guard betrayed Ani in the Forest.

It's full of great characters who are fun to root for with a tense plot that even threw a few surprises at me. Gilsa - Finn's mother, took care of Ani after she left the Forest massacre, and makes wool pullovers to sell on marketday. She can talk to swans, as a girl, and later, while in hiding when her lady-in-waiting pulls a coup during their journey to meet her betrothed, learns to speak to the geese she keeps. If there was one thing I could change about this book, Falada's death would be it. The romance was sweet and very clean, but not the central point of the story.

It absolutely pushes all of the right buttons for me - one of those books that I love beyond reason. There is a downside, you see. There once lived an old queen whose husband had been dead for many years, and she had a beautiful daughter. If she had not taken this oath, she would have been killed on the spot.

And the endless lessons send her head spinning! Then they tended the geese until evening.

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For other uses, see The Goose Girl disambiguation. In any light, Goose Girl is an easy read, with some sound moral backbone - as fairy tales usually have, blank paper pdf but isn't incredible literature - as fairy tales usually aren't.

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Clearly, much less complicated in the actually book. There he soon saw with his own eyes the goose-girl and the goose-boy bringing their flock, and how after a while she sat down and took down her hair, which glistened brightly. Some guards under his command were Ishta, Yulan, Terne and Hul. The Goose Girl is a delightful and well thought-out take on the old fairy tale, and is one of my favorite fairy tale novels.

So Conrad became angry, and would not speak to her, and thus they tended the geese until evening, and then they went home. As she leaves, her mother gifts her with a golden cup with which to drink and a handkerchief with a drop of the queen's blood for protection. When her father, the king, dies, Ani learns from her mother that she is to be sent off to a neighboring kingdom to be wed to their prince. If they live long enough they will learn that everything has happened here, and may happen again.

Her full name is Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee. Kildenree sounds awesome too, but Bayern's even better. Which is a I got this book at Half-Price Books the other day, only because I remembered to bring the list I made of authors and books I needed to look for. Thus shall it be done to you. Ani is an exciting, round heroine who you just love.

Conrad was pretty rad too. This had such a magical feel to it, which is why I love fairytales.

And most of all, she tries to become the Crown-Princess and future Queen her country needs. Normally when I read series, I'll buy book one, read, book two, read, book three, read, etc.

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She agrees, climbs into the stove and tells her story while the king listens from outside. At least, that's what I'm taking away from it. Once you finish the book you're wanting more.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. Main character of River Secrets. Selia - Ani's lady-in-waiting and former best friend, a people-speaker. He had a special connection with Ani because she heard and spoke the first word on his tongue, his name. But she refuses to say anything because of her oath.

This book is impossibly sweet and wonderful. But, I still feel the story is worth three stars because, for whatever reason, I was always curious to read the next chapter, always curious to see what exactly would transpire. There is nothing to love in the backstabbing, wide-smiling courtiers. Like a flower bud, there was all the potential but then it never really blossomed. And in return, you can talk to them back in their language.

Incredible imagination that was clear and easy to read. Those elements create the fairy tale, as well as all the prince and princess stuff, but this felt surprisingly modern to me.