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Fch Is she playing in the garden? Someone gave them to me when I left. The girl looks really surprised to see it! She gave the cows their dry grass, washed some sheep and carried vegetables.

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Now you listen and draw lines. Is this your friend in the picture with you? Now you listen and colour and write.

But I found this one in a different place. How many cats are there in the picture? Listen and write a letter in each box. Now listen to Part Three again.

But the club has some very interesting Fch So you bought them! Look at the bird in the tree. If any omissions are brought to our notice, we will be happy to include the appropriate acknowledgements on reprinting.

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Put the radio on the bookcase. Alphabet Egg A Five funny Carrot monsters! Remember me on this computer. Do you go there There is one example.

The duck is walking behind the two elephants. Lizards love sleeping in the sun!

Choose a word from the box. Write words for six things in the picture. How about making that blue?

Cambridge Pre A1 Starters

Is Dan the boy in the red T-shirt? Can I Fch Can I make it orange? Oh, is it that house with the big garden? You can find lots of R One beautiful shells on the beach. That is the end of Part Two.

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Examples This is a flower. You will need coloured pens or pencils. Now you listen and write Mch Yes! Draw a line from the baby frog to its mum! You can learn a lot about example.

Hes got some beautiful fish. Is that her, wearing trousers? Five Is it in the toy box? While every effort has been made, it has not always been possible to identify the sources of all the material used, or to trace all copyright holders.

In the car, last Saturday, the family talked about the farm. Now put the book under the table. Theres a bird in front of the door. What colour are your favourite What colour is your favourite do you like?

Examples A boy is reading a book. Examples There are two armchairs in the living room.

And weve got a great teacher. Examples What is the girls name?

Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of the publishers. What is the teacher drawing? Like eating pasta Like eating? His dad teaches me geography. What do you eat at parties?

Cambridge Pre A1 Starters

The title of the story and the name of the main character s are shown with the pictures in the candidate booklet. Colour it with that pencil, then. And her sister got one for the long jump, too. Mch Yeah, and sometimes you find them near waterfalls.

Emma, is it time to go to your office? Are you the girl in this picture? Which is Nicks favourite ice-cream? The picture looks good now. What is the teacher doing now?

Mch I enjoy visiting museums. They have summer in December and winter in June.

And in memory of her brother Dave. Mch Mum, my grandpa and my cousin, Tom.

That is the end of the Starters Listening Test. This is R That is the end of the Starters Listening test. Niki Donnelly of Cambridge University Press. Part of the cambridgeenglish. This is the Cambridge English Movers Listening sample test.

And they all have to have food every day. On Saturday afternoon the hotel cook went by boat to the town to see a friend. Fch No, rsn35h1 datasheet pdf but I know the other woman behind her. Fch Is Dad in the bedroom? Which was your favourite pirate in the film?