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Because the online sellers were selling for less than our shops could obtain the parts for. Place the top spring end into the slot near the cable exit and place the top casing onto the bottom casing.


This page explains how to fit a new cable by opening the unit, as this method always gives good results. Shimano has done the same with the selling of Euro stuff to the American market at below wholesale. Or you could also turn the screw backwards, but then its a pain to adjust. In the past I've put a tiny nyloc nut on the end of the b-limit screw, which gives it a lot more surface area, and less chance of slipping off to the side. Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube.

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It could be the cage I suppose, but that shouldn't matter. Look at the first picture of the first post? The wire must be like the image that is attached, it is very important to put it so when you have to change the cable for a new one does not have to disassemble anything.

Originally Posted by smhmpls. If you think the prices are too high, talk to the manufacturers. Are they being phased out, or stock issues or anything that you guys are aware of?

SRAM DUALDRIVE MANUAL Pdf DownloadCan t find a SRAM X7 or X9 Type 2 or Rear D for sale anywhere

Hard to describe, but I think you probably get what I mean. They use click-stops inside the shifter, but it is still possible to twist the grip too far, so that they lack a true all-or-nothing response. And it doesn't make sense that it's cheaper to pay shippings and still be cheaper than buy it locally.

Thread your cable through this piece and then place it on top of the unit. We would like to hear from you. Without this I never would have gotten it back together. By sethdem in forum Cannondale. Modifications External Links.

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Do you expect someone to sell something for less than they originally paid, when the part is brand new, and the intent is to run a business? Make sure you get the spring ends in the right holes. As I mentioned before, the upper pulley has an offset in comparison to the old derailleurs where the upper pulley was screwed to the body.

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Slide the trigger into the bottom casing. Blew up my derailleur and rear wheel this past weekend. The body of the derailleur right up through the pivot and jockey wheel are identical, right? This list are filled with some of the most related and suitable title similar to your search title and organize into a compact checklist for your comfort by our program.

But after some reading this seems to not be the case. Tornillo de la unidad junto con los tres tornillos!

The lever can still move and still has the spring tension to bring it back but it just can't seem to downshift. The center section of the unit has a few springs and pieces to assemble. That is to say, it is fairly free, but not entirely free of the cleanness of shifting on the part of the rider. Deslice el gatillo en la carcasa inferior. Although I still have to figure out an end that will clamp the cable in place inside the shifter, I did manage to get it back together with the pictures you posted.

Also, without local shops, how would you obtain parts on vacation? Have you run out of adjustment? Can anyone tell me where this spring pen is pointing to it goes?

SRAM X7 Rear Derailleur Derailleur Review

Make sure that spring doesn't come out of the slot! Mine stopped working after I took a fall and I put it down too a spring that came loose in the bottom end of the derailleur.

You said as soon as you changed location, Sram parts became available. How would I obtain parts on vacation, the same way I did this last trip, I took them with me, pdf knjiga if not Jenson is next day shipping if you need it.

The top of the spring will be hidden by the trigger. If you are overseas, then you are in a different situation. By using different offsets you can clear different max size cogs, with the same body.

Be sure to use only a cable that is sold and marked clearly as intended for gear shifting. In fact, I wasn't even sure I'd found all the pieces until I saw your photos. Join Date Nov Posts In the same boat as you. But it does aply to all American continent, North, Central and South. Don't be surprised when you split the cases and springs and parts fly everywhere.