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Is there a list of the changes available anywhere? It combines illustrated text and videos in pages, starts with how to set-up the program, make efficient models and mine the information in those models to take to the shop.

You can look at the Quick Reference card to get an idea of the keyboard shortcuts. To me, keyboard shortcuts for these two commands are essential to efficient modeling. Put as many shortcuts, as possible, near the left side of keyboard.

Select a template from the options provided or click More Templates in the upper right to see additional options, as shown in the following figure. If you want to add your own, you can. In the Toolbars dialog box that opens, select the toolbars you want to see and click Close. When you begin a new model, selecting a template with the correct unit of measurement makes modeling easier. You can recover your work from the point the last automatic save was performed by opening the recovered file.

From the drop-down menu, select Sketchy Edges and then select a style option. Hi August, That seems like a good and likely explanation.

Selecting a template

This article introduces you to a few basic tools. The Quick Reference Card lists many of them. To reopen a tray, select it from the Window menu. See Learning how to use SketchUp tools for details.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Google SketchUp 8 Tools - dummies

Looking for the LayOut quick reference cards? This dialog box is your starting point for creating a model and appears every time you start SketchUp unless you choose to turn it off in the SketchUp Preferences dialog box. If SketchUp crashes while you're working on a model, the recovered file is not deleted. Did the Measurements box disappear? You find an overview of how to select a template, move around the SketchUp interface, create a basic model, and save your model.

No matter what tool is selected, holding down the scroll wheel activates the Orbit tool until you release the scroll wheel. When you start SketchUp, the name of the currently open file is Untitled, indicating that you have not yet saved your work. You can get the Quick Reference card from the link Geo provided. In the File Name box, type a name for your model. The units appear below the style name.

The Default Tray appears when you open SketchUp, cours d intelligence artificielle informatique en pdf but you can close it by clicking the Close button in the upper right of the tray. The most likely reason is that your SketchUp window size is larger than your available screen viewing area. Click the arrow next to the Learn tab to display several options for learning about SketchUp.

This dialog box is your starting point for creating a model and appears every time you start SketchUp unless you clear the Always show on startup check box. To recover your view of the Measurements box, click the Maximize button in the title bar. You can download this file for your own use by clicking on the link below.

Amazing what comes to us when we are almost asleep. Depending on your available screen real estate, you can have both side-by-side or switch back and forth between windows.

The Templates tab opens with a list of templates that come with SketchUp, as shown here. In the following figure, Marker Wide is selected. Most of them are easy to remember, the first letter of the tool name is the shortcut most of the time, except for Rotate. Notice that the style completely overrides all the materials and colors applied. Bob with this program-book can I follow along with it step-by-step and drawl at the same time with the videos?

After you select a template, the modeling window appears with your selected template applied. Based on what you wrote in your profile, you need to be using SketchUp Pro anyway. Nine shortcuts will let you do almost everything you need to do. The tools on the toolbar are easy to figure out, and if you hover the cursor over one of the icons a tag will appear that tells you what the tool does.

Download links at the bottom of help article. See the Status bar section earlier in this article for details.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Google SketchUp 8 Tools - dummiesKeyboard Shortcuts for Common Google SketchUp 8 Tools

If you clear the Always show on startup check box, you can still access the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box. The majority of SketchUp tools, commands, and settings are available within the menus on the menu bar. Note that the examples in the rest of this article are based on Simple Template - Feet and Inches. You can find the shortcuts in a couple of places.

When you begin using SketchUp, the Getting Started toolbar is the one you see by default. SketchUp creates a backup file the second time you successfully save your SketchUp file and any subsequent saves. You can recover your work from the point the last auto-save was performed by opening the auto-save file in the same location as your original file. The bold text describes the type of work for which the preset was created.


Experienced users tend to create shortcuts to suit their individual workflow. Nice to have the same shortcuts, when they demonstrate and you pause and try. On the right side of the screen, you see a tray of panels, including the Instructor, Materials, Styles, and so on. To see them again, select In Model from the drop-down menu and then select the Simple Style option. The Instructor teaches you how to use the currently selected tool.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Google SketchUp 8 Tools

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