For avoidance of doubt, any data that is supplied or used by Licensee in its use of the Product s that is not Data shall be and remain the property of Licensee or its third-party licensor s. Software is provided only for standard hardware platforms and operating systems supported by Esri as described in the Software Documentation.

Can only be used in conjunction with other Esri Product s. The place of the arbitration shall be at an agreed-upon location. Supported versions are listed with the system requirements for the product on the Esri website. No Internet access is permitted. Remember me on this computer.

Licensee agrees to use reasonable means to protect Products from unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or publication. Licensee may not display or post any combination of more than one hundred Esri Business Analyst Online or Esri Community Analyst Reports and maps on Licensee's external websites. May not be used for direct mailing or direct marketing purposes. Public Plan accounts are licensed for the personal use of an individual.

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Installation Support will apply only to unmodified Software. For desktop applications, aji annotate pdf each license is per organization. Licensee shall not use Products for revenue-generating or for-profit purposes. All fonts provided with a Product may be used with the authorized use of any Products.

No other end user may use Product under the same license at the same time for any other purpose. License provisions that are inconsistent with federal law will not apply. If any court, arbitrator, or board holds that Licensee has greater rights to any portion of Products under applicable public procurement law, such rights shall extend only to the portions affected. Support provided by an authorized distributor will be in accordance with the distributor's technical support program terms and conditions.

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Esri and its third-party licensors reserve all rights not specifically granted in this License Agreement including the right to change and improve Products. Licensee shall not resell or otherwise externally distribute Outputs in stand-alone form. You may not use the Products until you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.

Such licenses continue until the stated evaluation period expires or until Licensee purchases a subscription, whichever occurs first. Permits access by a single user to access the data for development or internal use on a desktop computer or server. Consultant or Contractor Access. May be used for navigational purposes only when used in conjunction with ArcLogistics. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in a court of competent jurisdiction.

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Redundant Software installation for failover operations is not permitted. The language of the arbitration shall be English. Use of Products licensed under this License Agreement is covered by the terms and conditions contained herein. This restriction does not apply to third parties included within the definition of Named Users.

Third- party technologies may also be used in conjunction with Value-Added Application s as long as the Value-Added Application s is always used in conjunction with other Esri Product s. Licensee may use Products only for Noncommercial purposes.

There are no limitations on the number of connections from web applications. Licensee may terminate this License Agreement or any Product license at any time upon written notice to Esri. The Products are commercial items, developed at private expense, provided to Licensee under this License Agreement. All such program terms are incorporated herein by reference. Licensee is solely responsible for providing technical support for Licensee's Value-Added Application s.

Licensee may have redundant Esri Server Software installation s for failover operations, but the redundant Software can only be operational during the period the primary site is nonoperational. Upon termination of the License Agreement, all licenses granted hereunder terminate as well.

Either party shall, at the request of the other, make available documents or witnesses relevant to the major aspects of the dispute. Not for use in navigation. There is no limit to the number of applications that can be built and deployed within an organization.

Portions of Documentation supplied in digital format merged with other software and printed or digital documentation are subject to this License Agreement. No automatic routing or rerouting based on traffic conditions is permitted without the Navigation add-on. Distribute to third parties Software and any associated Authorization Codes required for use of a Deployment License. Esri may monitor the external interfaces e. Transactions include both basemap and geosearch Transactions.

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StreetMap Data may be used for mapping, geocoding, and routing purposes but is not licensed for dynamic routing purposes. Permits Licensee to use the Data in an externally facing Value-Added Application for general use and to generate revenue from such Value-Added Application. Except for cost recovery of using and operating the Products, Licensee shall not use Products for revenue-generating or for-profit purposes.

Licensee will immediately notify Esri if Licensee becomes aware of any unauthorized use of Licensee's account or any other breach of security. Esri fonts may also be separately used to print any output created by Products.


Licensee agrees to use Products solely for educational purposes during the educational use Term. For instance, StreetMap Data may not be used to alert a user about upcoming maneuvers such as warning of an upcoming turn or to calculate an alternate route if a turn is missed.