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Regional Pasture Research Laboratory. Nursery practice for trees and shrubs suitable for planting on the prairie-plains. Central swine-testing and purebred-improvement programs in the United States.

Policies of the Bureau of Biological Survey relative to the control of injurious birds. Review of literature related to engineering aspects of grain dust explosions. Fungi reported on species of Medicago, Melilotus, contrato de compraventa automovil pdf and Trifolium. Standardization and inspection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

An annotated list of literature references on garment sizes and body measurements. Economic and social problems and conditions of the southern Appalachians. Descriptions of types of principal American varieties of spinach.

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Development and use of standards for grade, color, and character of American cotton linters. Choose a challenging and rewarding career in the U. Judging dairy cattle on the basis of type and records of production.

The North American species of whiteflies of the genus Trialeurodes. Graduates of higher education in the food and agricultural sciences. The establishment of standard grades for American cotton linters. Questions and answers on government inspection of processed fruits and vegetables.

Proposed revised federal grain standards, including explanations. Comparison of two pole spacings for low-cost house framing.

Federal legislation, rulings, and regulations affecting the state agricultural experiment stations. Distribution, control, and measurement of irrigation water on the farm. Description of the ecoregions of the United States. Revision of the bark beetles belonging to the genus Pseudohylesinus Swaine. Efficiency and effectiveness in the W.


Contact information Safeguarding U. Summary of State and Territorial plant quarantines affecting interstate shipments.

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Bibliography of forest disease research in the Department of Agriculture. Federal legislation, regulations, and rulings affecting cooperative extension work in agriculture and home economics. Macrolepidoptera and their parasites reared from field collections in the northeastern part of the United States. Swine breeding research at the regional swine breeding laboratory.

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Knots in second-growth pine and the desirability of pruning. An abstract bibliography of statistical methods in grassland research.

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Precision planter and fertilizer applicator for use on experimental plots. Descriptions of types of principal American varieties of tomatoes. Impacts of national forests on the forest resources of the South. Instructions on processing for community frozen-food locker plants. Farm building surveys in Wisconsin, Kansas, Georgia, and Illinois.

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Guide to the grading of structural timbers and the determination of working stresses. An annotated bibliography of cotton research at the Southern Utilization Research and Development Division.

An ecological land classification framework for the United States. Converting factors and tables of equivalents used in forestry. Federal agency cooperation in world trade activities.

Breeding better vegetables for the South at the U. The barrier system for control of floods in mountain streams.

Reconnaissance erosion survey of the Brazos River watershed, Texas. New product development for economic growth in rural areas. Descriptions of types of principal American varieties of red garden beets. Peat land in the Pacific coast states in relation to land and water resources. Helms student scholarship program.

The world cotton situation with outlook for and the long-time outlook for southern agriculture. An annotated list of the important North American forest insects. Impacts of forest industries on forest resources in the South. An efficacy review of control measures for potential pests of imported Soviet timber. Inspection of United States wheat exported through Canadian ports.