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The skill-building exercises in Longman are not very obvious. Longman Preparation has a lot of material. As the book goes through those individual question types, the secret book for free pdf it gives advice for each question and provides many test-like exercises.

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For fastest delivery to Pakistan, you can purchase an electronic version of this book for instant access. Test strategy is also subtle, but it is all there, and it is generally good strategy. However, there is other, more focused skill building in the online material. That is a completely different statement. Each chapter breaks up the individual question types, such as vocabulary questions in the reading or task four in the speaking, and gives many examples of each.

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In one example, there is a passage about sleep and dreaming. You should have had at least upper intermediate level of English. The core problem is that the passages are too easy.

Notify me of new posts by email. Sometimes, the vocabulary questions have alternate meanings of the vocabulary word in the question.

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The topic moves quickly on. Soon, the professor is talking about how bats use echolocation, and more details come in. If you are interested in the large amount of material, try the Complete Guide instead. That book has both better material and better skill-building exercises.

Free Download Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Test

This is even more true in the listening. That forces you to look back at the text, even if you already know the word. But some skills should get more attention, especially note-taking. Notice how they repeat the correct information a few times in that short conversation.

Now, Nick, just how big is the Great Salt Lake? Lake Bonneville was much larger than the Great Salt Lake is today. The texts, for one, are often about topics which students will already be familiar with. In general, in the book those supporting skills are mentioned a couple of times, but there are few exercises to practice them individually. And this excerpt happens after almost a full minute of the class already talking about how Lake Bonneville was bigger.

Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Test

The speakers make simple statements often, and repeat themselves too much. Uhh, the present Salt Lake is much bigger than Lake Bonneville was.

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Skills like note-taking, vocabulary, combining sentences, pronunciation, and others are addressed, but in neither the book nor the website are they the focus. The most notable problem with the explanations is that there are no scripts for most of the recordings. Although there are very few explanations in the book, you receive access to an answer sheet online. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. These are actually well written, mostly, but there are some with problems.

Books is really good, but if your level of English is not good enough its difficult to prepare by yourself. Besides that, the speaking response samples are mostly just in text form. That sheet has the reasons why each answer is correct and explains many of the incorrect answers. Email will not be published required. Oh, did I get it backward?

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