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Saving money is tough, but reading and learning to save it is, for many, tougher. Oh man, I just finished reading the whole book, but I don't know what the fuck I just read. The bank is not your friend. It gave me a foundation on which to build my further research and maximize my financial potential. Dave Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber always swore he'd never write a sequel to the book that sold more than two million copies nationwide.

Neither rea Never before have I head a financial book. It's a fun read in general.

Probablement un des meilleurs livres de vulgarisation sur les finances personnelles que j'ai pu lire. This book is easy to read, funny, and provides a straight forward approach to managing your finances. The topics were excellent, the advice current and helpful. In order to do that, you have to know how not to spend too much without being a miser and there is some nice insight into the psychology of why people spend. Whole life is ok only if you don't have any debt, arsitektur islam pdf have maxed out yo ok.

Get index funds as the costs of cdn mutual funds are way too high. Makes it easy for things to sink in, and I liked his humor. Just wanted to complain about the headings and done. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Still though, decent financial book I would recommend to your average person. Although guide wouldn't be the best word either, because this is mostly just a discussion of many different possibilities and actions.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Fast read, and I've now read the book twice. Again, another relatively quick read that's easy to go through and refer back to. It does not discuss hugely new or complex concepts. Big fan of this book, loaned it out, had to reread it upon its return.

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One of the main themes of the book is to save early and regularly early in life. So we are back to the theme of start early. He basically told what he learned since then in his own personal story. Very easy to read and understand.

This short book which feels like a collection of essays on different topics is not a complete overhaul of the original book, but rather complements it and updates it where needed. For someone like myself, who already knows everything in this book and is slightly more knowledgeable with money, it may be a bit boring. Also, the author's self-deprecating but lame sense of humor did not really add anything to the book, at least not for me.

It seems basically a revision for what he did in his previous book. However, I still enjoyed this. He stands by his recommendation for term insurance - regardless of how many death threats he's received from insurance salespeople.

Exceptional on every level. Basically a bunch of usually simplified case studies in different aspects of personal finance.

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Lots of jokes that help through the process. Secondly, there would be interest that is working against you with these purchases.

Did I come straight out of this short book with a retirement plan and saving strategy? In fact, it's something even better. For intro'ing people to personal finance, I'd recommend reading this book first, and then following up with Returns. Is it better to pay down a loan or mortgage first, or invest in a savings plan?

Probably best for Canadians just graduating from university. It is aimed at Canadians but most of the information is beneficial to anyone. Track your spending to see where your money is actually going. Which mutual funds to buy. If they are willing to give you a large mortgage, they aren't doing it in your best interest but theirs only.

Never before have I head a financial book. But without entering the barber story. But, it was on my bookshelf so I thought I'd give it a try.

Speaking of index, why doesn't this book have an index anyways? Mainly because I have one.

Not much substance here and a bit too conversational. There are some changes on his advises since the previous book, namely the mutual funds. Spend on what will maximize your enjoyment value. And laugh your socks off, too! Maybe they are not that much addressed because of the very low return rate?

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Simple and practical advice. This fast-paced journey through the world of personal finance will help a lot of people. Is it worth reading both the first one and this one? You do need to pay off the principal one of these days. He suggested that the idea of using a line of credit to buy things or go on vacation as long as you pay it off before buying something else on the line of credit.

He says he doesn't recommend them because people will be tempted to dip into them for entertainment reasons and it may stop people from doing long term saving for retirement. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. If teachers start wanting to do leveraged investing, get out of the market now! The author is rather humorous in the writing and I personally kinda like reading short chapters.

This newest book has the same feel and would also be a good starting place for beginners who want some thoughts on a conservative way to go about building a solid financial foundation. It is a shorter book that is easy to read short chapters with some light humour thrown in. Not nearly as cohesive or eye-opening, but still nice to get a modern take from him.