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Other impacts on the wildlife ecosystem have not been convincingly dealt with. Institutional sustainability refers to adequate and appropriate structural and institutional systems that support and enable cities to achieve all aspects of sustainable urban development. Smart City Concept Konza city is intended to be a smart city. These include traditional cultural practices, e.

Is Konza city really sustainable

If you have an idea for a story, click here for more information. Ecological sustainability refers to protection of the ecosystem and the environment.

Why are these New Towns being developed and how feasible is their construction really? Kajiado Kiambu Machakos Nairobi.

Konza Technopolis

Diana Lee Smith discusses low income housing. Why did the national government decide to develop such an ambitious and expensive project, while existing cities clearly need improvement? This section does not cite any sources.

Master Plan


Konza city will cause loss of habitat and grazing area and the displacement and disturbance of wildlife currently located onsite, especially the migratory wildebeest, antelope and zebra. The proposed Government Data Centre will complement the existing facility, which currently links government ministries, departments and agencies.

Konza city is intended to be a smart city. It is suggested that the city can be supplied via the planned high voltage between Mombasa and Nairobi. Want to keep up on the latest publications from The Proto City? Eline Splinter Eline studied Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam and is currently enrolled in the Urban Studies master programme at the same university. After its planned completion inthe new city will supposedly houseresidents and createjobs.

It further refers to initiatives that improve the economic well being of the local populace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We are always looking for talented writers and would love to hear your ideas. However, as has become clear, the successful implementation of this project is severely complicated by konaz factors.

She is mainly interested in the ways in which urban governments use city branding and marketing to attract firms, tourists and residents. Science and technology in Kenya Machakos County Planned cities.

Konza technocity concept There are plans for an electronic manufacturing plant, an international financial centre and a convention centre. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Oberti and Pavesi define smart cities as those cities that integrate environment, people and technologies efficiently. Konza Technology City is a large technology hub planned by the Government of Kenya to be built outside of Nairobi. There are several factors that may complicate the successful realization of Konza Technology City.

They argue that trying to improve the city is almost impossible and will only result in the wasting of resources. The idea of Eco-City has been around for a long time, focusing more on ecological, environmental and economic sustainability. However, they have been heavily criticized as well. It definitely does not meet the requirements of economic sustainability, ecological sustainability, socio-cultural sustainability or even institutional sustainability.

But how realistic is this idea? This calls for the need to explore alternatives means of waste disposal other than conventional landfill in quite good time. Although the actual construction of most of them has not started yet, they already have a prominent role in the media. In recent years, numerous plans for New Towns have been developed throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Konza Technology City

Smart cities have also been loosely used to refer to cities that incorporate digital technologies as is intended in Konza City. Another aspect that is of key importance in understanding the development of Konza City is that it will be developed from scratch.

Stakeholders see the existing city, Nairobi, as being dysfunctional, uncontrolled and unmanageable. At a very general level, it makes reference to sustained economic development or growth. The adequacy of these measures have not been verified scientifically. For example, roadway sensors will be able to monitor pedestrian and automobile traffic, and adjust traffic light timing accordingly to optimize traffic flows.

There are plans for an electronic manufacturing plant, cara cepat baca alquran pdf an international financial centre and a convention centre. Published Conference Proceedings. Initial radial layout Sustainability was considered in the land use. Between Vision and Reality.

Konza city claim to sustainability is tenuous. We send ciry a monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date. As a smart city, Konza is intended to gather data from smart devices and sensors embedded in the urban environment, such as roadways, buildings, and other assets.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Around two million litres per day will be provided by local boreholes, the drilling of which is presently underway.

Konza Technology City

Unsourced material may be challenged and mastre. Although the national government is slowly moving towards a more neoliberal system, it is still characterized by its strong bureaucratic and fragmented nature. University of Nairobi, Nairobi. Joss et al, defines the Eco-City on the basis of reduction of carbon emissions, global climate change and urbanization processes.

Konza Technopolis

Although sustainable urban development is much debated, it is generally understood to have the four aspects economic, socio-cultural, ecological and institutional. Sustainable City or Green Wash? This was not expected in the first instance because the city was not conceived as a sustainable city. Konza mainly emphasizes the technological aspects of smart cities. The emergence of New Towns throughout Africa is a very recent phenomenon.

Is Konza city really sustainable

Home Opinions Is Konza city really sustainable? Sustainability was considered in the land use. Inthe Kenyan government announced the development of the government-led, multi-billion dollar project Konza Technology Cityof which the construction should start shortly. It has been argued that these planned cities stand in stark contrast with the contemporary urban situation in Africa, which is plagued by housing shortages, congestion and pollution. Economic sustainability refers to both green jobs and green economics driven by enterprise that have great environmental benefits.