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Classes are devoted to practical usage of the knowledge covered during the lectures in order to solve basic computing tasks and geodetic construction. Characteristics of the global positioning system and its usage in geodesy. Measurement methods horizontal and vertical.

Selects and applies the optimum methods of spatial data collection, analysis and vizualization. You are not logged in log in.

Curvilinear coordinate systems used in geodesy and cartography. Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies.

JAGIELSKI GEODEZJA PDFGeodezja 1 Jagielski - PDF Free Download

Rules of map projection selection. Knows and is able to properly apply the methods and techniques of situational and height geodetic measurements.

The task was executed on the basis of literature studies and experience. Height systems and reference levels. Map projections distortion theory. During the renovation works, attention was also given to improving the technical condition of the building, which was reflected by the results of the measurements and calculations.

Written exam confirming the knowledge and understanding of the topics covered during the lectures and their exemplification on the exercises. Methodology for determining the projection functions. Understands the basics of spatial data infrastructures and the use of geoinformation tools.


Calculation in the geodetic coordinate system. Measuring geodetic network, basic geodetic constructions. Basics of geodesy, basic surveying, survey instruments, geodetic calculations. Student is able to identify and formulate specification for a simple.

Knows the basic problems of the theory of geographic information. Course descriptions are protected by copyright. Modern geodetic measuring instruments.

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Detailed surveying with geodetic instruments. Can make the appropriate calculations and evaluation of the geodetic measurements results.

Jagielski A - Geodezja 1. wyd 2

Geodezja 1 Jagielski

Geodpis, Andrzej Jagielski. Geodezja I, don zauker esorcista pdf Geodpis Kamela Cz. Classification of cartographic map projections.

Student is able to interact and work in a team, taking on different roles, student can adequately define the priorities for implementation specified by himself or someone else task. Methods and techniques of situational and height measurements. Everyday low prices and free.

The article presents the possibilities of applying geodetic methods to determine the vertical deviation of historical buildings. Knows how to make a cartographic presentation as well as visualization of spatial data in the chosen discipline. The concept and properties of cartographic map projections.

Surveying I

Can make the appropriate calculations and evaluation of the jagiekski measurements results. Characteristics of map projections used to develop Polish topographic maps. Construction and testing of surveying instruments.