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It is in the Divine Name that there takes place the mysterious meeting of the created and the Uncreate, the contingent and the Absolute, the finite and the Infinite. Start by pressing the button below!

How should we view religions that are different from our own? In order to lift the soul From the din of the world, up to Heaven. When, after my war experiences, I had fled to Switzerland and at last could rent an apartment in Lausanne, I wished to furnish this small home as beautifully as possible.

Frithjof Schuon Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy - PDF Free Download

May this informative and welldocumented book successfully convey to readers the precious and unique phenomenon that was Frithjof Schuon. Frithjof Schuon on Christianity, ed. Frithjof Schuon on the Spiritual Life, climas del peru pdf ed.

No casualness tending toward vulgarity. Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy the virtues on the contrary represent intrinsic beauties fitted into these styles and finding through them their realization. The meaning of every word vibrates into the infinite, it becomes untrue when we utter it without the infinite and unfathomable with which it is organically united. True knowledge and true virtue are one. The Schuons had two sons, both of whom were destined, in different ways, to devote their lives to prayer.

There are principles that I constantly repeat, Because they belong to the sage who is without fault. Their re-affirmation of the value of this ancient, in fact timeless, wisdom should lead to a reawakening in the East, and to an arrest of the spreading decay of its tradition.

Of course, to grasp the entire scope of his message, nothing can replace the in-depth study of his body of published writings. It provides an enormous amount of organized and clear information, some hitherto unknown. In the Great One the soul should rest.

Subsequently the meaning of the term was enlarged to cover the metaphysics and mysticisms of all of the great world religions, notably, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. How great is the infinity of the individual soul! Often we would go to the forest in the neighborhood of Basle where we had our first philosophical speeches.

The Essential Frithjof Schuon

He sees the archetypes inherent in all things and immediately understands the essence of the form and the entire culture from which it came. Once we had a small battle in the forest. But much still remained to be said! And lastly, let us remember that, according to St. Our very breath should be One with our Faith and with our highest Goal.

The profound consequences of this event made themselves evident, among other ways, in the expanded subject matter of his paintings. In the smaller room hang the colored silk ribbons of the Turks, with the same ex voto meaning. His tremendously angular and sharply chiseled face, with the triangular eyes, then becomes altogether spiritual.

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Although he had a deep respect for sacred music such as Hindu ragas, Gregorian chants, and Islamic liturgies, he rarely listened to these forms on such musical occasions. It was as though for them such ideas were the most real things in the world. During the next few days in Paris we saw them often and even held a Sun Dance prayer meeting with them in our hotel room. Thus we were brought up with the love of the Indian peoples, and this was a providential disposition in the plan of the Great Spirit.

The Essential Frithjof Schuon

His flesh and blood, his sacred heart, his life. At length we stood still and watched as the glittering and resounding enchantment slowly passed out of sight. This process allowed me to ask him several direct questions about what he considered to be the most important aspects of his life and message.

Everything was as if transparent, fluid, infinite. In a book appeared containing English translations of the recordings James R. God wanted a thousand mirrors for the True. Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy memories and impressions of events he experienced, was later published in The Feathered Sun, his anthology of writings on the American Indians. The good as such comes from the beauty of God.

He did, however, visit the home of one or another of his disciples from time to time for such performances. My father is separated from me by the great door, and I know no beautiful human being who loves me. The luminous tones of this holy hour Flow down slightly from the dark pillars. For a few years they lived in an Arab village at the Pyramids, then finally came to Lausanne, and since then they have always been our neighbors. In our age of ugliness we more than ever Need the beautiful in order to live As men should live.

The Schuons made the acquaintance of numerous individuals, and formed several friendships, including a particularly close relationship with a Lakota couple, Jackson and Elva One Feather. While both parents were raised as Catholics, neither was actively observant, and Paul Schuon had more or less distanced himself from the Catholic Church. As a reservist soldier in the French army, Schuon was therefore obliged to return to France and join his regiment. His encounters with the Buddhist tradition, its people, and their lands during his trips to Tibet and its neighboring countries in the s and s resulted in several books. At the same time he learned French, the language in which he was destined to write his many philosophical books.

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This experience was pivotal for him, and taught him how wisdom and holiness are inseparable from beauty, and how they can be conveyed to the heart of man by the peaks of sacred art. And when I went to visit him as a boy of sixteen years, I was very impressed with his mental and spiritual power. He eventually approved the proposed documentary film and a written biography about his life and work, but with the caveat that both projects be postponed until after his death.

It was a great opportunity for me to think of both of them. One was transported into a timeless past, when Heaven still touched Earth.