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Four samples of the material are tested and the test result is the number of cycles required to rub through the material. Is this sufficient to understand the level of protection being offered by a product? It most cases it does not. Clearly there is some variability in the manufacturing of needles that would need to be considered to select a probe with consistent tip strength.

The Martindale Abrasion Tester will remain the preferred testing machine for wear of fabrics. The standard specifies tests that must be carried out on different categories of material. For more information, please visit our Impact Resistance info page. As we consider a new standard test, we need to allow for the fact that even something as precise as a medical instrument has variability in the shape and cutting edge along the point of the needle. So, it must mean that there is a need for additional stratification.

En 388 pdf

The test result is the number of cycles taken for the blade to cut through the material. New and better tests will help, but it will always come down to using common sense and performing your own due diligence. An adequate assessment must be made of how the standard should apply to the specific use.

Latest regulations, news and unbiased articles written by experts. Needles of the same type and gauge have small differences in their dimensions and strengths. First, the probe is not adequate for testing the range of puncturing hazards that are prevalent in the market today. This will not work with hypodermic needle. Both have been used as test needles in testing HexArmor products, difference between windows xp and windows 7 pdf but notice how one needle has a curved and hooked tip.

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HexArmor products were developed to provide puncture resistance to sharps such as needles, glass shards, wood slivers, etc. So it should be obvious that in the test labs at HexArmor, we have observed this variability in the performance of the needles. This is a step in the right direction. The need is to develop a separate test for hypodermic needle resistance instead of using the standard probe. The performance level is awarded in accordance with the lower mean blade cut index of the two samples.

New materials are improving our ability to protect from threats that were previously elusive. Second, the speed at which the probe moves is not representative of any application that you might find in the market mm per minute?

Two test samples are selected, each sample is tested five times and a mean blade cut index calculated from the five tests. It has a long sharp cutting edge or bevel, which actually cuts the material being tested as it pierces the fabric. The market is changing rapidly. How do the tests allow for these differences and would they affect the puncture test? For multiple layer materials each layer is tested separately, the performance level is based on the lowest individual result of the most resistant material.

The biggest complaint about the Coup Test was that the blade would dull during the test, causing problems when testing highly-engineered yarns that feature steel or glass strands. Clearly, these are very different sets of physics, and as such, they should be tested with a different standardised test. The two main tests for textile materials are for the pH value highly acid or alkaline and the presence of banned Azo dyes. The standardised tests can give us a directional indication of where to start looking, and then we can confirm that performance with real application tests in our workplace.

EN 388 Gloves Standard Explained Level 1 - 6 Guide

Also, where multiple layers of material are involved, the abrasion and tear resistance levels are derived from the most resistant of the individual layers, not the combination of layers. The impact test will only be included for gloves that claim specific impact-resistant properties.

For single materials the performance level is given by the lowest result of four tests. Please note the geometric progression between the minimum results required to meet the increasing performance levels.

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Perhaps an even more important performance area is that of puncture resistance. Where multiple layer materials are involved the layers are assembled and tested as they would be in the garment. From chemical resistance to fire and flame resistance, the standards have helped us determine the appropriate product for a given application. Make sure that the tests are representative of the hazard you are trying to mitigate. In addition, the properties of protective gloves are described by a range of European Standards, and gloves must comply with relevant standards.

The jaws are moved apart at constant speed and the force needed to tear the material measured. The performance level is based on the lowest individual result of the most tear resistant material. Furthermore, these needles are easily blunted as they come in contact with hard objects. Developing a supplemental test So, what should we do to address these flaws in the testing standards?

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This test uses a standard, rounded point which is pushed through the material at a fixed speed and the force required for the point to penetrate through the material is measured. The minimum test results required to achieve the various performance levels are listed in the table. Please note the progression between the minimum results required to meet the increasing performance levels. Does a sliver of wood perform like a needle? The performance level of a single material is decided by the lowest result of the four tests.

EN The 4 Changes to the Glove Standard You Need to Know About

So, what should we do to address these flaws in the testing standards? Performance levels are awarded in accordance with the lowest of four test results.

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About Blog Resources Contact. In other words, we need to use common sense. Like under the old standard, samples will still be cut from the palms of gloves and subjected to rubbing against abrasive paper until a sample wears and a hole appears. Since the last revision to the standard, there has been a lot of technological advances in glove manufacturing. There is certainly a need for new standards to help us measure these threats, but most importantly we need to be aware of what the current standard tests are actually measuring.

However a standard test for everything becomes less practical. The best articles written by experts. So, another factor to consider in our development of an improved test is the reuse of the probe. In this test a sample of material to be tested is prepared in a standard way and clamped in the jaws of a strength testing machine. Also, needle size affects the puncture test results.

Latest regulations, industry case studies and unbiased articles written by experts. Medical needles are optimised for skin penetration. Despite the standards that exist today we must make our own conclusions about the suitably of the tests used to measure a particular hazard, such as needlestick resistance.