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Electric Power Distribution

To sense the occurrence of fire by sensors and to initiate water spray, to disconnect power supply to affected region to pinpoint location of fire by indication in con trol room. This is only done automatically by the circuit breaker. The distance relay responds to a combination of both voltage and current. In the rotating induction-disc type, which is a motor, the disc rotates by electromagnetic induction when the current exceeds a specified value. These switches have no specific current breaking value neither these have current making value.

Its really a best site to enhance knowledge and find out solution of many doubts. This is done because we have no instrument for measuring of such a large current.

Substation Earthing system. Indoor substation is inside a building. The transformer is transported on trailor to substation site and as far as possible directly unloaded on the plinth. The main use of this transformer is.

For cable entry provision is made both from top and bottom. Thank for the assistance in advance. In a large substation, circuit breakers are used to interrupt any short-circuits or overload currents that may occur on the network. Capital cost and reliability objectives must first be considered before defining the battery and battery charger combination to be used for a specific installation.

The operation of the device usually means major problems with the protected equipment and the likely failure in re-energizing the equipment. The feeders can hug overhead streets, underground, underneath streets, and are carrying electrical power to that of distribution transformers at near or farther premises. The switchyards, switches, circuit breakers, and transformers for the connection and disconnection of transformers and circuit breakers.

Equipment in substation
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Popular in Electrical Substation. There are no words to thank you for sharing this incredible information about the electrical appiances. You can use equipment's from compaqinternational to have best products for your electrical products. Hi, i study your E E portal, That is good attempt to convey your syetem specs to Readers, tesla model s warranty pdf pls i need substations details on my Email site. These are having lower current ratings and are used for maintenance and installation of current relays for protection purpose in substations.

The directional unit responds to the product of the magnitude of current, voltage, and the phase angle between them or to the product of two currents and the phase angle between them. It should provide safe and reliable arrangement. The circuit breakers are such type of switches utilized for closing or opening circuits at the time when a fault occurs within the system.

There are different types of relays. The following are major electrical components of substations and their working. If some lightening occurs the arrestors pull the lightening and ground it to the earth. The electricity substation is a network of electrical equipment which is connected in a structured way in order to supply electricity to end consumers.

List of Electrical Substation Equipment

Basic knowledge sub station power house. There should be good ventilation.

Indoor sub-stations Outdoor sub-stations Underground sub-station Pole-mounted sub-station. Outdoor substation is under open skv.

It should be located at a proper site. Illumination system lighting. This is useful information, really appreciate all the explanation very interesting and could help build self enterprise for sub regional support and expansion of energy for domestic use, Thank you.

Electric Power DistributionTypes of substation

Edwin Red Estofanero Larico. The spring type of circuit breakers is used for small kv stations. It should be easily operated and maintained. Facebook Linkedin Linkedin Twitter.

Nice information and updates. The transient of overvoltages substation system is because of inherent and natural characteristics.

Electrical Engineering Substation equipment and its Function

The comparison given describes the advantages and disadvantages of three such combinations. It is very useful and informative. Newer Post Older Post Home. Power Transformer Maintenance And Acceptance Testing This manual contains a generalized overview of the fundamentals of transformer theory and operation.

Been visiting this site for a pretty long time. Very nice and informatic article. Indoor substations are usually found in urban areas to reduce the noise from the transformers, for reasons of appearance, or to protect switchgear from extreme climate or pollution conditions. There is a meter connected to the breaker so that it can be manually seen if the gas goes low. The relay operates instantaneously within a few cycles on a cycle basis for values of impedance below the set value.