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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Greg thinks he'll magically become rich and famous, pushing the unfair American stereotype. Somehow, though, it all seems to work.

These books are hilarious and keep getting better and better. After he gets grounded, he and his friend try to make a movie, but every thing goes wrong.

This is the garbage that is corrupting out country. Or will doubling down on this path just double Greg's troubles? At the turn of the century, France, Britain, and Germany had series that are almost alike to this. Some are better than others.

They can't all be winners. The only joke is how bad it is.

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Double Dow Halloween is coming, and Greg Heffley is up to his normal antics. This series is getting better with each volume. Although this book wasn't my favorite, I must admit it was a fun read. Jenna It's funny but not as funny as the others.

This eleventh book might just be the threshold. They are a guilty pleasure of mine, nothing more or less. Kinney is funny, and talented, and comes off as a kind and genuine guy. The french horn is the new trouble in town and is self vouched for by Greg!

He also makes a mockery of the fact that in America, you can do anything you want if you really try. RatPac-Dune Entertainment. It feels routine at this point and I think it's time that Jeff Kinney steps out of his million dollar comfort zone and writes something original again. As excepted, Jeff books always makes me laugh. Can always count on this series for some fun!

Double Down is a fun read for fans of the series and the series goes on. There are many books in the series that have made me sputter and given people around me a scare because of my sudden outburst of laughter. The thing is that I don't get parents, they get mad or disappointed at me randomly, which sometimes really annoys me. Brick after brick - is chiseled in the trademark style of Jeff. At the end of the book Greg and his friend Rowley decided to make a movie.

It says that the book is about Greg and Rowley making a movie together, but that doesn't happen until the very end. Jeff lives with his wife and two sons in Massachusetts, where they own a bookstore, An Unlikely Story. These books are a total guilty pleasure for me. Another book in the franchise with few original ideas which I liked and found funny and was a nice stress buster and overall relatable in a way. The story does not get stagnated.

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Now he wants students to tell their stories. Just like my mom sometimes.

The worst part is that these books don't even really have a storyline anymore. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Although the jokes are not as hilarious as they were, the soul The house party continues. This one was probably funnier than the previous one.

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Halloween is coming, and Greg Heffley is up to his normal antics. The scenes are getting pretty hilarious. As if that's not scary enough, Halloween is just around the corner and the frights are coming at Greg from every angle. When he discovers a bag of gummy worms, pdf creatoer it sparks an idea. Namespaces Item Discussion.

The pressure's really piling up on Greg Heffley. We are in for a major change in the life of Greg if there're further additions to this series. Ten years ago, Jeff Kinney created a new kind of comic hero. The only highlight is that it can be read in under an hour because I don't think I could tolerate spending more time with Greg.

Dziennik Cwaniaczka

Novelty This is a case well handled by Jeff. Hopefully Kinney keeps his humor in his next book, but creates a stronger and more interesting plot. That year the prize was a jar of candy corn, which Greg wanted badly. The series has remained on the New York Times bestseller lists since the publication of the first book, for more than weeks total, and more than on the series list. Is that my nostalgia talking?

But this book failed to bring that effect. The puns are still amusing, if not novel. The innocent side persists.

They go back inside to get a view of the shot and they see geese eating the worms. The humor felt a bit more stale here than in Kinney's other releases, and this story suffers a lot from lack of an overarching theme, but it's okay.

Events Right from the piano lessons to french horn to embarrassing situations with Rowley to the reference to Truman's show - the stage is held together with a fabric that is funny to the senses. The only highlight i I keep reading these books like an idiot thinking that there is going to be something new, something unique, something funny. Well, things went crazy after that in the second part. They try to shoo them away but their plain fails and Rowley ends up in a tree.

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Usually the humor is always great in this series but I could not see any funny humor in this book, I never thought anything was funny and I thought it was just poorly written. He's not relatable at all. More enjoyable escapades of Greg Heffley and his eccentric family.