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Denali National Park

Explore a trail or go off-trail Hike with a Ranger. Flightseeing tours of the mountain and the park can also be arranged from Anchorage, Fairbanks, Healy or Talkeetna.

Hiking at Denali National Park & Preserve AK

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Ecosystem Denali National Park and Preserve includes the central, highest portion of the Alaska Range, together with many of the glaciers and glacial valleys running southwards out of the range. Maybe I have been spoiled by the trails inside Denali National Park. Tour and Transit Bus Routes Each bus route in Denali travels the park's sole road, turning around at a specific landmark location. Buttermilk Falls State Park. Gateway communities to the park are Healy, dibujo estructural pdf Cantwell and Talkeetna.

Finding Your Way

Request your free official State of Alaska vacation planner. For many visitors Denali is the opportunity to escape into the backcountry for a truly Alaskan experience. Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve. We made it to the second lake starting from the Denali Village.

Charlene Johnson recorded Bison Gulch. The staff stages nature-related programs throughout the week during the summer.

Alaska State Trails Program

Alaska State Trails Program

It is accessible via the George Parks Highway, which connects Anchorage and Fairbanks, and on the Alaska Railroad, whose tracks roughly parallel the highway. Acrobat Reader is available for free off the Internet. Alaska vacation packages for less at Anchorage.

Denali Park

Rebecca Kennedy recorded Rock Creek Trail. More milder raft trips are run in the river south of the park entrance.

In the winter, it is dead quiet. MacRitchie Reservoir Park. The Nenana River is the most popular white water rafting area in Alaska. The maps are large and may take time to download and copy. The square-foot facility was opened in and features exhibits on the natural history of the region, a massive model of Denali and huge viewing windows to see North America's highest peak.

Alaska State Trails Program. Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Guides provide access, difficulty, length, and use information.

Hiking, camping, rafting, backcountry travel, fishing, wildlife viewing and flightseeing are also popular activities. However, not every transit bus travels the entirety of the park road. Narrated Tour Buses Tour buses are narrated. We went when it was raining off and on, not too bad.

Also provided is information on park rules and contact information for a particular park area. Very pleasant with nice fall colors. My route started with the lakes loop and finished thru Mount Healey. They make all the same bathroom and wildlife-viewing stops as a tour bus. Most of the bears seen by visitors along the Park Road are grizzlies.

Rebecca Wersal recorded Mount Healy Partial. Click on the links below for a trail map. Highly recommend this loop trail for a gentle introduction to the park. Three lakes toward the end are a treat and great lunch stop with a few moose sitings. This trail is not very well marked or maintained.

We walked in from the north the first day to where the trail sharply rises, past the suspension bridge, along Riley Creek, and above it. Things to do The opportunities for recreation in the park are near limitless and exist at all levels of fitness and outdoors expertise. Flights are offered in either small bush planes or helicopters. This trail is gorgeous in the winter. As such, most people should be prepared to get lost and then, hopefully, find their way.

There is a bench at the top of the steps on your way out so you can stop and rest. Brochure Maps The map below features a selector in the upper left, letting you flip between an interactive webmap and the map featured in the park's official brochure.

Today the trail is a rugged track used primarily by snowmobilers, mushers and skiers in late winter, when travel is easier. Completed the hike in late July so it was fairly hot.

Landslides, glacially-fed braided rivers and moving glaciers define the ever-changing landscape of the park. We totally blew past the finish despite arriving to the top to the sound of applause from fellow hikers and hiked beyond the maintained trail.

Glaciers cover about one-sixth of the landscape of the park! Nozomi Hirano recorded Rock Creek Trail. The rest of the Denali is reached by the park's wonderful shuttle bus system. We did not do the loop, we hiked back out the way we came in. Wonderful trail, but hard to get to.

Finding Your Way

But, if you are a beginner, please enjoy this hike with someone else - perhaps someone with hiking experience. Explore a trail or go off-trail Take a Hike! Had a caribou hanging out with us while camped out. Jonathan Turney on Camp Ridge Trail.

Info Alerts Maps Calendar Reserve. Definitely not easy on the way up, but well worth it! Bring water and a jacket for the top!

Beautiful shots of Denali! You may also want to get directions to the park.