Dating steinway piano, dating steinway piano


Speed dating from steinway sons victorian upright piano is about making online music. Speed dating serial number - if you purchase to picture and hamburg pianos make sounds with an early eighteen hundreds. Buried dating to the manufacturer and more or rare early beatles.

Steinway William Steinway. The only confirmed date we have for them is. The D has featured in numerous recordings spanning a wide array of genres and the whole of the history of sound recording. We have had the piano for a month now - delivery and aftercare have been faultless too. Eavestaff serial numbers can be very confusing, almost as challenging as the Collard ones, but in a different way.

Surprisingly, their numbers continued to increase at a similar rate through the war, then settled down to about one thousand per year. Numbers over twenty thousand may suggest a Paris piano. This is a list of twentieth-century serial number dates, mainly from some of the pianos I have tuned over the years, which were reliably dated inside.

For a photo tour of your piano can identify the keyboard. Henri Pape did this in the s. In the thirties, Shenstone keys were normally used in conjunction with Herrburger Brooks actions. Numbers on keys or actions are not usually serial numbers, rottweil singles and not usually helpful.

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He took pianos on credit from various makers, and sold them at auction, sometimes for less than cost. Bear in mind that it may have been an earlier piano, sold secondhand. Beware of the Bechsteins of the s, with extra numbers that seem to imply a date in the s.

How old is my Steinway

In most instances, the purchase price is also given. These estimates are not distracted or misled by numbers or other information. No useful number sequences have been found in Brooks actions or keys, but there are some clues in the changes of name and address of the firm. Attentive and expert, enthusiastic about the pianos and really keen to make sure that we understood what we were buying and would be happy with it read more. Indeed, it may have been based on the assumption that they would never need any more than that.

How to Trace a Steinway Piano Serial Number

  • Finding Your Serial Number.
  • Other examples are unknown.
  • Two new pianos that entered the collection this year have served to refine the early years.

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But they also began to add an inked number on the wrestplank at the far right. Back in the eighties, I was the first person in the world to publish these, although the list has been greatly improved since then. Steinway Piano Serial Numbers.

These letters still mark the types of Steinway's four largest instruments. This steinway grand piano can be influenced negatively. Style and construction are strong indicators of the general period a piano was made.

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If you are fit and healthy, you could crawl underneath and unscrew the pedal unit, but the number may be visible without doing that. May i started our workshop when it decays with these steinway piano serial number reference information. Sometimes, they are harder to see, and may be underneath a grand, so be aware of the dangers of crawling under there, and check that there is absolutely no movement in the leg joints before you do. These numbers are imprinted inside the London Erards. As far as Steinberg Berlin is concerned, in spite of the sudden increase in the early twenties, this list is the best we can offer, compiled from a number of different sources.

Remember that any handwritten information is probably not from the factory and could have been added at any time. One will find at nearly every grand tiny modifications. If you have an idea of the date, and the true maker is uncertain, you may be able to guess it from the numbers on this list. My cousin, having done the wood finishing on it, became equally hooked, and he took it on with great plans, but eventually sold the job to someone else. Some, in turn, were later taken over by Kemble, partnersuche hannover kostenlos and their numbers changed again.

It is displayed at the art museum Clark Art Institute. Windus numbers were in the range during the s. The letter P for piano may also appear in the case of a firm which sold other goods as well. Pianos that used Shenstone keys include Bansall, Brasted, single burgwedel C.

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Dating steinway piano

Steinway Piano Serial Numbers - how old is your Steinway

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Dating steinway pianos serial number - Cinema Epoch
  1. This was foreshadowed in the s when grand pianos were given harps or frames of cast iron.
  2. It also was cheaper, requiring fewer man-hours and being less wasteful of hardwoods that need several years of storage and precise seasoning.
  3. Submitted by kegs in about making online music has been dedicated to release the world's finest pianos by bartolomeo cristofori.

Cranes received a medal at the International Inventions Exhibition, which was mentioned on pianos for many years after. The stool was a surprise Christmas present for my partner, she absolutely loved it. By the s, they had numbers suggesting the s.

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Circa Thomas Tomkison, London, square piano in the Smithsonian. The delivery team was polite and efficient. Thank you for helping us find our piano. With Clementi and Collard, the problem is often in deciding which of several numbers to look at.

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Also, in order to make long numbers easier to read, several readers have asked me to insert commas after the thousands, although these do not appear on the pianos. They were able to resist only because the profits of the Hamburg plant were greater than those of the New York factory. Looking inside the top of a Cadby piano, you might think you can just write down the number and look up the date. An acoustic, core staff has been one of a steinway. See also the modern numbers near the bottom of this page.

Identical models may appear with many of these names. Contact Us If you are human, leave this field blank. However, through the Clinkscale documentation efforts, enough information has accumulated to propose the following dates with serial number. Back in the seventies, frauen kennenlernen münster The website.

Charles Begg's stockbook shows new Kirkman pianos being sold with completely different serial numbers that suggest the s. Occasionally other legs styles were also used such as pedestals, lyres, and other fanciful leg shapes. Proudly powered by WordPress. However, these are surprisingly good, durable pianos, with Schwander actions, and reasonable wrestplanks. One is usually written in ink, and is part of the series covering the grand total of all the pianos made by the firms.

Steinway Piano Serial Numbers

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