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This is a simple program that illustrates a structure. The function gets two arguments from the main program and finds their maximum and displays the result. The program accepts three numbers in an array. The main program calls a function. Customers who bought this item also bought.

The program below explains the usage of different data types for auto. Balagurusamy, basic of physics pdf Data Structures Using C covers a wide range of data structures.

Data Structures Using CVenkat Pasumarthi

Venkat Pasumarthi

This example shows how to copy one file to another using fread and fwrite. Since the method is based on pivotal method, the diagonal elements should not be the same number. You can use putch or putchar to display the value. This program is to illustrate the usage of two-dimensional arrays to hold matrices.


Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. Arrays and Strings Introduction and Declaration of Array. The function in turn calls another function. Let us now write a program to find all the factors of a given number. This program is also a matrix related program.

The output is stored in a file. This example is to generate a calendar for a given month and year. This program demonstrates how to pass an array to a function. The program shown below illustrates this concept. The example illustrates this.



Program shows the usage of the size of keyword in C to get the storage space used by various data types. The argument data type and return data type are both characters.

This program is an illustration that explains how to make a function return a pointer. We have defined a structure called currency with two members such as rupees and paise. Remember me on this computer.

But recursion topic and conversion of expressions have not included. The outer for loop enumerates the number range while the inner for loop identifies the factors one by one. They will exactly take only one character as input and also they do not require you to press the Enter key. The matrix is declared a float data type since the pivoted matrix will definitely be a float data type.

Let us understand the shift operators through a simple program. This example is to illustrate the usage of calloc for characters. The array is passed to a function that computes the average of the three numbers. This program is an illustration that explains how to invoke a function using its pointer.


This simple program illustrates how to initialize the members of a structure. Let us understand through another simple program, the result of expressions where we declare the variables as float. The sprintf function behaves exactly same as the printf function except that instead of sending the result to the screen, the sprintf function stores the result in a string variable. The program accepts two matrices and performs their addition.

This simple program illustrates how to use a nested structure. Notice the way the array elements are printed.

In this program we have extended the usage of the enum keyword. We hope the user finds them useful in enhancing his understanding of the text and also in developing his programming skills using C. Note in the program, how we change the columns to be outer loop and rows to be the inner loop and change the subscript order to print the transpose. While swapping, the program uses a temporary variable.

The value of either of the variables is the square root of the given number. When we right shift a value, a zero is added in the left of the binary equivalent of the number. Note that when one of the operands is turned to be a float, we get a proper result. Look at how different data types are initialized in this example. The program has a sprintf to convert the number to a string so that its length can be got.

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Sometimes it may be desirable to just press a character without any Enter key pressed after that. You can also use fputc to write to a file and fgetc to read from a file.

Be the first to ask a question about Data Structures Using C. This simple program illustrates how to use bit fields in structures.

This simple program illustrates how to represent and access an array element using pointers. We will find out the list of numbers that are perfect within a given range.