Bored Piles Construction Method Pdf

It is worthwhile to look at the possibility of using much higher compressive strength than the value currently used. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The casing assemblies are now ready for installation. The first reading shall be taken at least one week after the grouting. Cleaning buckets can be used in dry and wet conditions.

The pictures below provide an overview of some typical drilling tools and their principal application. The mast inclination will be monitored via the onboard control system B-Tronic of the drill rig.

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Trimming will be carried out with a pneumatic or hydraulic breaker. Site investigation has to be carried out to develop safety precautions and measures prior to the commencement of the work. The starter casing will be equipped either with replaceable or weld on teeth. Bui in Sri Lanka, only now it is getting more popular.

Bored Piles

Mobilization of Staff and Equipment to Site B. The cage will be trapped off at the top welded band. If any cavities encountered, the borehole will be backfilled with lean concrete prior to re-drilling. Check of Excavated Soil The excavated spoil will be continuously checked to confirm the soil report. Method Statement for Post-Fixed Rebar.

The inclinometer monitoring system will be checked on a calibration check frame periodically. The technical details stated below is still to be verified according to the approved specifications. The reinforcement is installed subsequently, where necessary assisted by vibration. Less disruption to adjacent soil occurs. All tools have to be supplied with sufficient teeth.

Generated dust shall be controlled by periodic water spraying. To keep the steel cage in place and at the correct levels, the cage will be hanged to the temporary casing until the concreting is finished. It will be covered by means of metal pile cover.

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The lifting chains are then changed over to an open hook set and lowered into the bore so that the top of steel is positioned at the correct level. After this first insertion of the casing, excavation with appropriate drilling tools e. When installed in rows or in secant configuration they can form a supporting wall for an excavation pit or cut in the terrain, or block off groundwater.

To avoid segregation, measures will be taken to minimize excessive contact of fresh concrete with water. The three tallest buildings. During the concreting, the level of the concrete will be monitored by use of an end weight tape measure. Take a casing pre-assembled with a fixed coupling, having a safety clamp secured around mm from its top end and mate it with the pipe already lowered through the coupling end.

Push the weighted bottom end cap over the casing. More specific information about the weights and pressures imposed by the drilling rig can be provided upon request. These individual cage sections are connected to a single cage by couplers. The cages have to be centered with spacers. All joints of the cage sections are carefully prepared and provide the required lap length.

Piles can be extended to depths below frost penetration and seasonal moisture variation. The reinforcement cages will be pre-fabricated and delivered to the installation location in accordance with approved construction drawings. The pile construction shall be done as per approved Shop Drawing.

Method Statement of Bored Piles QA/QC Construction

Once the hole is drilled, a structure of reinforcing steel rebar is built and lowered into the hole, then the hole is filled with concrete. All spacers, stiffeners, bands, lifting devices, etc. Depending on the soil conditions either a single wall casing with required length or a segmental starter casing will be inserted into the ground.

The concrete above cut-off level will be chipped by the Main Contractor. However the naturally existing rock mass is fractured and hence the strength may be much less than that of intact rock specimens. No dewatering operation will be carried out in the area of pile casting.

Accident reporting requirements. All boreholes are cleaned mechanically using a cleaning bucket with a cleaning edge. The Tremie will be lifted mm above pile toe level prior to concreting.

Method Statement for the Construction of Bored Pile

Installation of Inclinometer Casing in Borehole At the completion of the borehole drilling and sampling, inclinometer pipes shall be lowered within the hole and grouted. It is suitable in displaceable soils.

In case of any variation, the construction method and the used drilling tools may be adapted to the new soil conditions, if required. This method is particularly advantageous at high ground water levels and soil layers having a risk of uplifting which require drilling under water load with the kelly-method.

Concrete pour via Tremie Method. The piling contractor relies on the soil report and past experience to choose the best drilling method that will minimize the disturbance of the surrounding soil.

Like any other deep foundation system, bored piles present challenges for the contractor. Bored piles are cylindrical bodies made of concrete with or without reinforcement which are installed in the ground by a variety of methods. Installing a bored pile starts with drilling a vertical hole into the soil, using a bored piling machine. High-capacity caissons can be constructed by expanding the base of the pile shaft up to three times the shaft diameter, icc incoterms 2010 pdf thus eliminating the need for caps over groups of multiple piles.