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The narration was very good. And if that isn't enough, Stella finds herself haunted by the Harper Bride.

One review said that next to the ghosty atmosphere and romance, this novel also contains lots of gardening tips. She also starts appearing to Stella to warn her against falling in love with Logan Kitridge, In the Garden's landscaper. They hired someone to go through old records to discover the story behind the ghost.

Blue Dahlia (In the Garden 1) read online free by Nora RobertsPDF Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts Book Free Download (372 pages)

She could see the doctor and the midwife exchange looks. An ambitious mistress knew to demand nothing and gain much. You were delirious at the end of it. To her shock, he'd bought her a sapphire bracelet to celebrate her situation.

But someone wasn't too happy with this coupling, the Harper Bride ghost. They would travel together, she and her beautiful boy. Like, if you like them, why let them slowly wither away in your living room?

They also add Mitchell Carnegie to their group when they hire him to research Harper family history to find the identity of the Harper Bride. And besides Hayley, I enjoyed everyone. The romance between Stella and Logan wasn't very exciting and I can't even get worked up to anticipate the two follow ups.

She was a companion, a wailing wall, a sexual fantasy. With her hands resting on her great belly, she supervised the decorating of the nursery. They aren't rushed, and their arguments and differences seem very natural in their interaction. Si, no puedo calificarlo con otro adjetivo.

Engaging plot, enough emotional tug to keep you hoping it won't end. If you enjoy supernatural romance books, definitely check this out for yourself. The ending was quite abrupt.

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At twenty-four, she lived in a pretty house on South Main and had three servants of her own. Something at last of her own. But prostitution wasn't her goal, any more than domestic work or trudging off to the factory day after day. And the ghost's story is a mystery that the women are going to need to solve.

Blue Dahlia

It grew inside her like a flower that only she could see, could feel, could know. And that cover is beautiful. Gavin y Luke, especialmente Luke.

Blue Dahlia (In the Garden 1) by Nora Roberts

Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts pdf. Blue Dahlia is the first book of the In the Garden trilogy and my first Nora Roberts book that I read for the Enchanted Garden reading challenge where you read books with flowers in it. Blue Dahlia is a fun and invigorating read. Blue Dahlia is the introduction to the story of three women who all work at a gardening store called you guessed it In the Garden. Nora always has a knack for stressing the importance of women standing for each other and helping each other.

It's one of those books that I don't think I would have normally read, but I was going on a trip and needed an unabridged audio for a long trip. Her new boss is great and her life seems to take o new meaning. She would protect it with all she had. Stella moves back to Tennessee after losing her husband.

Roberts Nora - Blue Dahlia.html

She'd sold herself for the first time at fifteen and had pocketed knowledge along with the coin. She also becomes friend with Hayley, a somehow cousin of Roz's who shows up pregnant on Roz's doorstep.

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Of course, It's Nora Roberts so its well written and the characters are developing perfectly. Stella also soon finds it's haunted. Hot The Great Gatsby by F. But this time around I am not as satisfied with the results that I normally am. Just slow, liczymy kalorie pdf touchy-feely fluff in a small southern town.

Stella is a newly widowed, mother of two boys who moves back to her hometown in Tennessee, looking for a fresh start and a safe new place for them to settle. Not long after Stella moves in, a distant cousin, Hailey, shows up pregnant and looking for a job.

Pale green walls and white lace curtains. The mistress of a man like Reginald Harper couldn't afford pregnancy.

Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia (In the Garden 1) read online free by Nora Roberts