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S 11 LA GUERRA EN IRAK FALLOWS (pp.52-74). Blind into Baghdad.pdf

His deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, was more open to the challenge of rebuilding Iraq, but he would never undercut or disobey Rumsfeld. The Security Council had already shown its resolve. Second, the army had been an integral part of the Sunni-dominated Baathist security structure.

And whatever people think of me, how can anybody think that Don Rumsfeld is that dumb? At the time, media attention was overwhelmingly directed toward Afghanistan, where Operation Anaconda, the half-successful effort to kill or capture al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters, was under way.

But through the past thirty years U. And the ongoing financial, diplomatic, and human cost of the Iraq occupation is the more grievous in light of advance warnings the government had.

He has reported extensively from outside the United States and once worked as President Carter's chief speechwriter. The notion of a single memo's changing history is indeed farfetched. Those arguing for delay said that it would make everything easier.

He was near the zenith of his influence as the war was planned. Because of warnings it chose to ignore, it squandered American prestige, fortune, and lives. For instance, he described the Admini.

In the twenty-five years since Ronald Reagan's rise, political conservatives have changed position in a way they have not fully recognized. The matrix was intended to lay out a phased shift of responsibilities, over months or years, from a mainly U. Those arguing against delay said that the mere passage of time wouldn't do any good and would bring various risks. The political risk was enormous and obvious.

When Vice President Dick Cheney was interviewed, he talked mainly about Saddam Hussein's defiance of international law. As the war drew near, the dispute about how to conduct it became public. His range of estimates was enormous, depending on how long the war lasted and what its impact on the world economy proved to be. The big discovery was how long it took to get the system up and running again, after even a precise and limited attack.

They had all warned strongly against disbanding the Iraqi army. This is an important and essential book to understand where and how the war went wrong, and what it means for America. But with his dramatic metamorphosis from embattled Secretary of Defense to triumphant Secretary of War, Rumsfeld's reputation outside the Administration and his influence within it rose. It was in these circumstances that the Future of Iraq project's working groups deliberated.

Some recommendations were quirky or reflected the tastes of the individual participants who drafted them. Today's liberals know there is a challenge to every aspect of their world view. The wisdom of their preparations for the aftermath of military victory in Iraq is the question.

Blind Into BaghdadBlind into baghdad pdf

President, let us tell you what postwar Iraq is going to look like, and here is what we need plans for. Perhaps the United States would have time to assemble, if not a broad alliance for the battle itself, at least support for reconstruction and occupation, so that U. This is the job of Iraqis inside and outside. Nonetheless, Long-term gratitude is unlikely and suspicion of U.

All the experts agreed that what came after the fall of Baghdad would be harder for the United States than what came before. By then looting had gone on in Baghdad for several weeks. But distitictly unlike Rumsfeld at a press conference, Feith in tliis interview did not seem at all arrogant or testy.

And the economy will have to be jump-started from not only stagnation but devastation. Preparing for the Next Pandemic. Garner, a retired three-star Army general who had worked successfully with the Kurds at the end of the Gulf War.

We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon. Thus was born the Future of Iraq project, whose existence is by now well known, but whose findings and potential impact have rarely been reported and examined.

Blind into baghdad pdf

We would tell them stuff, and they would nod and say, Everything's under control. They recognize their electoral strength but feel that in the battle of ideology their main task is to puncture fatuous liberal ideas.

It is possible that the President's confidants are so discreet that they have kept all his decisions and instructions secret. The crucial exchange began with a question from the ranking Democrat, Carl Levin. The Democrats had similar destructive self-confidence in the s, when they did their most grandiose Great Society thinking.

To oppo- nents of the war in Iraq, Feith is one of several shadowy. He would ask questions that delayed the activation of units, because he didn't think the planned flow was right. In the flurry of news from Afghanistan the project went unnoticed in the press until June, when the State Department announced that the first meetings would take place in July. The momentum toward war put officials at the United Nations and other international organizations in a difficult position. We want to hear what you think about this article.

The problems the United States has encountered are precisely the ones its own expert agencies warned against. In order to make this vision a reality, we need to have an army that can work alongside this new society. But the dialogue was one-way. America's War in Iraq James M.

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He is seen much the way enemies of the Clin- toti Administration saw Hillary Clinton. Two weeks into that job Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army and other parts of the Baathist security structure. He is seen much the way enemies of the Clinton Administration saw Hillary Clinton. As chaos increased in Baghdad last summer, solid state chemistry book pdf the chief U.

An adequate police force must be trained and equipped as quickly as possible. Most of the meetings were in Washington. That deadline passed with no ruling. It's the Army holding the sack of shit.