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This includes dimensions and schematics. Novavideo Lite by Themabiz. Many experimenters who have tried to build these machines failed to achieve the results that both Kromrey and Bedini have insisted were possible. Gupta, Gauri Shanker, and N. It is running now on my laboratory bench in prototype form.


The motor simply elimin at es its back mmf, so th at it continuously acceler at es bearden free energy generation can power a load with only some switching and control input. However, we wish to specifically bearden free energy generation between massive displacement current and massless displacement current. The machine I demonstrated this year has two motor coils and ten low-drag generator coils. Nevertheless the output of this generator has been described by many as impressive.

The best way to do that is to hit something resonant that is imbedded in the vacuum, then tap the resonant stress of the ringing of the vacuum itself. Teruo Kawai held nothing back in bearden free energy generation Patents. This book goes further into the meat of the matter. This product is guaranteed to meet even your highest expectations. Additional useful insight can be gained from David J.

Thank you all for putting this together. Your complete explanations from basic electron flow to battery chemistry, for experimenters at all levels, helped me through some long standing mysteries that I have been unable to resolve. Preview demonstration of a multi-coil machine with an automatic battery rotator allowing it to recycle the energy that it is running on to produce extremely extended run times. Many people have had many questions about how to size the capacitors correctly, what polarity should be switched and with what switching mechanism and so on.

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John C Bedini has constructed a laboratory model of a machine in which bedini free energy generator energy exceeds input. If thousands of skilled techies study it and experiment to learn the science that John Bedini has been trying to gift to the world, we can have a vastly better future. The proven Bedini free energy circuit, complete with color photos, mil-std-271 pdf Tom Bearden technical explanations plus now includes Bedini- Cole.

This has never been discussed in this kind of detail before. Consequently, the units of D are coulombs charged mass rate of flow per square meter. An ordinary battery filled with electrolyte fits the bill nicely. Here the reader is led to an enhanced knowledge of machines that operate outside the standard paradigm. So, what is your time really worth?


It is also directly analogous to presently operating overunity systems such as windmills, waterwheels, solar cell arrays, and hydraulic turbines in a dam installation. The energy revolution has begun! Greer Head of the Disclosure Project. Read it from cover to cover several times. Generwtion, overunity operational efficiency of analogous electrical devices is perfectly permissible, and not prohibited by the known laws of physics.

This is very easy for anyone to see for themselves as many have. Fiddle it into resonant operation.

Now I know why I made so many mistakes that lead to wrong conclusions that lead me to a dead end street. Two more editions for the more advanced? The Handbook is not some wild idea, it is the result of facts based on operating hardware, placing free energy in the hands of anyone who wants it.

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Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Frew. After finishing his tour of duty, he settled back in the Los Angeles area and worked for some of the big names in stereophonic equipment. Several new circuits are shown, as well as several methods of tapping into the Aether. Contact the Webmaster for reproduction terms and conditions. You guys never cease to amaze me!

Interesting to find that a steel bike wheel is ok. All of these questions and more are answered in full detail in this book. Not sure about the details of the auto switching part, but it does work as witnessed by the audience. Best Selling Amazon Products.

Unfortunately, some have performed better than others. This book picks up the instructions where the first book leaves off. As an example, tree may meet optical functioning without the presence of optical materials. Most of the dust was blown off the device when it was fired up and driven by a small dc motor and batteries. Want to build a Radiant Energy battery charger?

You will also learn exactly what he has found to be most beneficial for transferring the most electrical energy possible into the recovery batteries. This book is now a critical and valuable asset in my library.

Stated differently, He starts with one good battery and four discharged batteries. The only thing that would be better is if John wrote it himself. Thank you to all who made this possible!

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