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It helped me understand this story a lot better. One of my all time favorite books. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. This girl helps her get one at the restaurant she works at.

See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. This novel was just another book that made me stay awake at night.

Parts of this storyline I figured out way before they were unveiled, but it was fun finding out that I was right all along! Marquez is someone I want to know more about. Therefore I think that the theme of this story is that not all secrets should be kept to just yourself, some should be let out.

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It just doesn't get any better than this. Writing proved to be an ideal career choice, as it involved neither physical exertion nor uncomfortable clothing, and required no social skills.

But I think this is a promising start to the series and I look foward to reading more of the books. She's sohappy to go and get away from all the cold and snow. Price may vary by retailer. It's pretty much just a soap opera wrapped up into pages. She lives in Minnesota and has the chance to spend her summer vacation with her Aunt and cousin at their home in Crab Claw Key Florida.

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There were a lot few dead spots and I found the story predictable. What's wild to me is that Summer, at the end of the book, is being practical and thinking, What if happy ever afters can't happen?

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Beach Blondes

On the way she turned on her radio. Another thing that I enjoyed about the book was that it always kept me thinking about what was going to happen next.

Diver, the mystery man, is mellow, intriguing, and definitely unique. He came to join her as she loaded the toaster. She meets a girl named Marquez on her way to find a job. Let me just say, I know, Summer wasn't the greatest of heroines, but she didn't act cocky, girly, mean or snotty, she acted like an actual polite human being.

This book borders on three stars. So unprofessional, in my opinion! One of those times that you don't just judge a book by it's cover. Diana thinks its funny to put Summer in the stilt house instead of the mansion they live in.

They were all annoying, to put it blatantly. The other characters that I really enjoyed were Seth and Diver.

What I disliked about the book was the length of the story, but it was worth it. She makes the characters act like teenagers and do stuff that normal teens do. Well, I rated this based on how much I enjoyed reading it. That is what I thin that theme is in this story. First off, more than other books I've read recently, the side characters are really interesting, at times most times more so than the main character herself, Summer.

That is why I think that the author chose to write this book. Definitely would recommend! All of these characters are entertwined into this storyline that makes one very good page read. Summer, I really enjoyed reading about Summer's charcter.

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It took me nearly a week to read Beach Blondes, and I can normally finish a ish page book in two days. Beach Blondes is three books of the old series in one. My favourite setting in Beach Blondes was the scene in the underground caves, where Seth and Summer had gotten trapped on a small, mengubah pdf jadi jpg desolate island while scuba diving in an underwater cave.

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Please review the types of cookies we use below. Totally enjoyed this book. My opinion of the book was that I loved it! But she never really questions Seth's whole thing about how he just knew she was the one when they met at the airport.

About Katherine Applegate. Katherine Applegate really outdid herself with this book!

Katherine Applegate is very good at writing plot twists you never saw coming, but were fairly obvious afterward. Something that I thought more deeply about was what I talked about in my second paragraph. It wasn't terrible but I would've edited it a lot differently than it was. Well, yeah, it was, but don't get me wrong!

And to think, the woman who wrote this book is the same woman who wrote Animorphs! Not necessarily lazy, more like this book was a product of its time, and that means fizzy teenage characters and equally fizzy romances.

Overall it was a cute book that I'm glad I read cuz I had fun with my daughter, trying to get her to spill answers to questions. This book is about Summer. They have real problems, and even their less-dramatic, smaller problems are handled with the kind of seriousness that makes me want to pay attention.

But for what an easy read it was, i'd take off one. They get burns at the exact same time and same place, they say the same things at the same time, and they are always in the same exact mood.

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