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The same measurement, on the same characteristic, at the same area of the process, over an extensive period of time is evidence of a lack of learning or a stagnant measurement process. While these guidelines are intended to cover normally occurring measurement system situations, there will be questions that arise. Later, in some cases another part is measured and again the process may be adjusted. This is why it is important to understand to whom measurements are traceable and how traceable they are. The operating instructions require the operator to verify the weight at setup and every hour based on one sample.

Aiag msa pdfAiag msa 4th ed

Simple analytical methods run charts, trend analysis can be conducted to determine the stability of the system. This document is not intended to be a compendium of analyses for all measurement systems. Assess the measurement system to the feature tolerance. This understanding is derived from accurate timely communication between the two parties.

Adjust the process in an equal amount and in an opposite direction from where the process was last measured to be. Any measurement system may require more or less strategic planning and scrutiny depending on a given product or process situation. This adds stability and consistency to the measurement system capability.

Download Aiag Ppap Manual Pdf.pdf

Although the specific causes will depend on the situation, some typical sources of variation can be identified. Another common scenario is the classification of parts into specific categories e. Eventually, as the judgment of system stability dictates, preventive maintenance routines can be scheduled accordingly. Consequently these gages were often not used properly or simply not used.

Before a measurement system can be purchased, a detailed engineering concept of the measurement process is developed. To obtain the most benefit from the measurement process, study and address it as a process with inputs and outputs. That is, the measurement process is in statistical control and has zero bias. The customer and supplier s need to thoroughly understand the project requirements, what the deliverables will be and the methods by which both are to be achieved.

This does not restrict the application of the discussion to other categorization activities. Will the data be used for control, sorting, qualification, etc?

For example, it will suggest to the user how to get from one point to another user instructions or gage instructions. Over-adjustment of the process has added variation and will continue to do so. During this process, relative humidity chart pdf different datum schemes may need to be explored in order to understand the impact of these differences. Data obtained from such a machine can be very useful for analyzing a manufacturing process. Statistical properties that are most important for one use are not necessarily the most important properties for another use.

The customer, the owner of the process, wants to make a correct decision with minimum effort. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

As quotations are received, the team ought to assemble to review and evaluate them. Much of the variation in a set of measurements may be due to the interaction between the measurement system and its environment.

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The flow chart and initial discussion will facilitate the identification of the key individuals. The owner of the process must know how to correctly use this equipment and how to analyze and interpret the results. This can be referred to as statistical stability and is best evaluated by graphical methods.

Will it be done manually, on a moving conveyor, off-line, automatically, etc? SlideShare Explore Search You. This may be driven by the complexity of the measurement system and a team decision as to what makes sense. Awareness of which multiplying factor is used is crucial to the integrity of the equations and resultant calculations.

Analytic studies are among the most important uses of measurement data because they lead ultimately to better understanding of processes. This linkage or chain of events ultimately finds its way onto the factory floor and then provides the basis for measurement traceability. These questions should be directed to your authorized customer representative. One method or datum scheme may be required for manufacturing whereas another scheme is required for measurement of the final product measurement. Oftentimes this involves some studies done on the equipment at the supplier's location and then at the customer's location.

Common sense is the guide in any case. The team of individuals that will employ and be responsible for the maintenance and continual improvement of the measurement process have direct responsibility for developing the detailed concept.

Aiag msa 4th ed

The calibration system determines measurement traceability to the measurement systems through the use of calibration methods and standards. This discussion assumes that the measurement process is in statistical control and on target. The way the measurement will be used can change the sensitivity level of the measurement system.

Aiag Ppap Manual - Free Download

Download Aiag Ppap Manual 5th Edition Pdf.pdf

For example, a camshaft must be manufactured on centers but the important product features are in its lobes. This will aid in the development of the measurement equipment criteria and requirements affected by the location in the process. Otherwise, the process is allowed to run without adjustment. What is the purpose and how will the measurement result be used? Each calibration event includes all of the elements necessary including standards, measurement and test equipment being verified, calibration methods and procedures, records, and qualified personnel.