2009 Honda Ridgeline Owners Manual Pdf

They may be required by local laws under certain conditions. They will not work to start the engine if the circuits are damaged.

Parking Brake If you try to open the moonroof in below-f reezing temperatures, or when it is covered with snow or ice, you can damage the moonroof panel or its motor. Use the fresh-air ventilation when possible.

Warranty and Customer Relations U. Put the light assembly back into the vehicle. Several warranties protect your new vehicle.

Open the hood, and check the physical condition of the battery. Page Set the fan to the desired speed.

Please read and follow the instructions on these labels. Adjust The Seat-backs Once your seat is adjusted correctly, rock it back and forth to make sure it is locked into position. Push the new bulb straight into the socket until it bottoms. Security System Security System The security system will not set if If equipped The security system helps to protect the hood, In-Bed Trunk, or any door your vehicle and valuables from theft. Audio unit may not play the following formats.

Page Pull out the light assembly. Tire Size have a number of markings. Make sure the chains recommend that you carry a full-size are secured to the trailer and hitch, spare wheel and tire for your vehicle and that they cross under the tongue and trailer. Open the socket lid by pulling it up.

The display will change as shown above. Make sure it does not get scratched or damaged. United States, and Canada, except Hawaii and Alaska.

Page Manually check the spare tire pressure to be sure it is correct. Checking The Battery Battery posts, terminals, and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds.

If it does not, turn off the engine, and check your work. It may also be combined with data from other sources for research purposes, but it remains confidential. Failure to properly follow maintenance instructions and precautions can cause you to be seriously hurt or killed. Hazard Warning Button Make sure you can see the instrument panel gauges and indicators. Page Adjust the airflow from both the dashboard and side vents so they do not blow against the microphone on the ceiling.

Page Identification Numbers The engine number is stamped into the engine block. If the chains have Using the wrong chains, or not Traction devices that are the wrong loosened, retighten them.

Page If used, you will have to replace the tire pressure sensor. You can access the main compartment in two ways front or rear.

2009 Honda Ridgeline - Owner s Manual (427 pages)

At this time, the system message indicator will also be turned off. It will give you years of driving pleasure.

Select the desired number from the list to make a call. Adjust the warmth of the air with the temperature control dial.

2009 Honda Ridgeline Owners Manual

Your selection of a Honda Ridgeline was a wise As you read this manual, basilea 1 pdf you will investment. We recommend that you have your dealer install a Honda wiring harness and converter. Page Honda equipment whenever possible.

Rearview Camera And Monitor Rearview Camera and Monitor For the best picture, always keep the On models with navigation system rearview camera clean, and do not cover the camera lens. Have your dealer inspect your vehicle as soon as possible.

Honda Ridgeline

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Carbon Monoxide Hazard Even with the door open, run the engine only long enough to move the vehicle out of the garage. Install each restraint in its proper location. Page Do not connect this jumper cable to any other part of the engine.

Page When programming a garage door opener, park just outside the garage. Route the tether strap downward properly, making sure the strap is not twisted, then attach the strap hook to the center tether anchor. Seat Belt Maintenance Not checking or maintaining airbags would not be needed, but the seat belts can result in serious additional restraint could be helpful.

Page Damage resulting f rom the use of compartment. Page For the best performance in snowy or icy conditions, you should install snow tires or tire chains.

Additional Safety Precautions Ridgeline Do not cover or replace front seat- back covers without consulting Improperly replacing your dealer. Your selection of a Honda Ridgeline was a wise. Honda civic coupe automobile owners manual pages.

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